Wedding: Bekir&Christine #2

Whoops, as I looked through some older blog posts I realized that part two of this wedding is still missing.

So here you go!

Bekir&Christine42mp Bekir&Christine44mp Bekir&Christine46mp Bekir&Christine47mp Bekir&Christine50mp Bekir&Christine51mp Bekir&Christine52mp Bekir&Christine58mp Bekir&Christine60mp Bekir&Christine61mp Bekir&Christine62mp Bekir&Christine62mp2 Bekir&Christine63mp Bekir&Christine64mp Bekir&Christine65mp Bekir&Christine66mp Bekir&Christine67mp Bekir&Christine68mp Bekir&Christine69mp Bekir&Christine70mp Bekir&Christine71mp Bekir&Christine72mp Bekir&Christine73mp Bekir&Christine74mp Bekir&Christine75mp Bekir&Christine76mp Bekir&Christine77mp Bekir&Christine78mp


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