My beautiful best friend

Hey there again!

This migth be my last photography “project” for the next two months. As I edited these pictures from last September, I feel that soon – very soon – my baby boy will be born. (By the way – editing pictures is a really good way distracting yourself from contractions) 😉

Anyways, I am glad these pictures turned out so good, since the sunlight was pretty bright & hard.

I know it might take a few more years… but I am super excited to photograph this beautiful young lady for her engagement and wedding and all that stuff (… no pressure ;)) !!!

Tabsi3mp Tabsi4mp Tabsi5mp Tabsi6mp Tabsi7mp Tabsi8mp Tabsi9mp Tabsi10mp Tabsi11mp Tabsi12mp Tabsi13mp Tabsi14mp Tabsi15mp Tabsi16mp Tabsi17mp Tabsi18mp

Love you, Tabs!


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