Bao&Yvonne – a blissful day

This wedding happened almost a year ago. And since I only have very few weeks left before I have a little bundle of joy owning my life, I will try to get as much photography-work done as possible. So here you go:

It was a day full of laughter and happy faces.

Also, this is probably the most international wedding I’ve been at. It was beautiful to see how all kinds of different nationalities came together and celebrated this special day!

B&Y2mp B&Y3mp B&Y5mp B&Y6mp B&Y7mp B&Y9mp B&Y11mp B&Y16mp  B&Y18mp B&Y17mpB&Y20mp B&Y25mp B&Y28mp B&Y32mp B&Y36mp B&Y39mp B&Y41mp B&Y42mp B&Y44mp  B&Y46mp B&Y45mpB&Y50mp B&Y53mp B&Y54mp B&Y55mp B&Y60mp B&Y61mp B&Y66mp B&Y70mp B&Y73mp B&Y74mp B&Y76mp  B&Y82mp B&Y78mpB&Y87mp B&Y89mp B&Y90mp B&Y91mp B&Y93mp B&Y98mp B&Y105mp B&Y108mp B&Y110mp B&Y114mp B&Y117mp B&Y118mp B&Y120mp B&Y122mp


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