Sam&Yvonne Wedding Portraits

Taking pictures of a beautiful couple like this (actually – taking pictures in general) will make me forget everything else. Time will stand still for a moment and all I think about will be whoever or whatever is in front of my lens. This past weekend it even made me forget that a pregnant lady (that’s me by the way) shoudn’t climb up too many stairs and really needs to watch her step 😀

Also, if you’re almost about to pop it’s really hard to show your clients how to pose – just saying 😉

Anyways. I am glad that I was able to photograph this sweet couple on their wedding day.

HochzeitSam&Yvonne1mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne2mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne4mp HochzeitSam& HochzeitSam&Yvonne6mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne7mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne8mp HochzeitSam& HochzeitSam& HochzeitSam&Yvonne11mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne12mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne13mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne15mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne16mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne17mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne19mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne20mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne29mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne30mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne31mp HochzeitSam&Yvonne32mp


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