Girls just wanna have fun

Alrighty, I recently finished the editing of this photo shoot.

Two girls. (Or better: two young women.)

Best friends.

One photographer.

A lot of fun!

Sophia&Kristin1mp Sophia&Kristin3mp  Sophia&Kristin2mpSophia&Kristin6mp Sophia&Kristin7mp Sophia&Kristin8mp Sophia&Kristin9mp Sophia&Kristin10mp Sophia&Kristin11mp Sophia&Kristin13mp Sophia&Kristin15mp Sophia&Kristin16mp Sophia&Kristin18mp Sophia&Kristin20mp Sophia&Kristin21mp Sophia&Kristin22mp Sophia&Kristin24mp  Sophia&Kristin28mp Sophia&Kristin26mpSophia&Kristin29mp  Sophia&Kristin34mp Sophia&Kristin31mpSophia&Kristin35mp Sophia&Kristin38mp Sophia&Kristin39mp Sophia&Kristin40mp Sophia&Kristin41mp Sophia&Kristin43mp Sophia&Kristin45mp Sophia&Kristin49mp Sophia&Kristin50mp  Sophia&Kristin52mp Sophia&Kristin51mpSophia&Kristin55mp  Sophia&Kristin58mp Sophia&Kristin57mpSophia&Kristin60mp


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