love is in the air… still!

Who said all the cute couple-shoots have to be engagement sessions or wedding pictures?

As you can see, even after a few years of marriage there still is love in the air. A lot.

I kind of got to know these two lovely people during the past two years and let me tell you: they are super cute together. Two talented musicians, both kind hearted and the best part: they remind me of my husband and me (I guess it’s mostly because the height difference between them is pretty much the same as the height difference between me and my husband 😛 ).

Anyways. Hope you enjoy these few pictures I am going to share with you.

Böhms4mp Böhms5mp Böhms9mp Böhms13mp Böhms14mp Böhms19mp Böhms21sw Böhms26mp Böhms28mp Böhms29mp Böhms33mp Böhms40mp Böhms47mp Böhms49mp Böhms51mp Böhms53mp Böhms55mp Böhms56mp Böhms57mp2 Böhms58mp Böhms59mp3 Böhms59mp4 Böhms60mp


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