One of the many things I’ve been wanting to try: a chalk-powder themed photo shooting.

I know, many times life is not very colourful. But when it is, I enjoy every bit of it.

Especially when I get to take pictures of a joyful, beautiful young woman like Melli. I don’t know if I say this a lot… but this is what I call true beauty – inside and out!!!

Every time I look at these pictures and see that smile I cannot help but smile as well.

Hope, these pictures brighten up your day & bring a smile to your face!

 Melli2mp Melli47mp Melli46mp Melli48mp Melli49mp Melli50mp Melli51mp Melli52mp Melli53 Melli54mp Melli12mp Melli13mp  Farbspaß2 Melli14mpMelli17mp Melli18mp Melli19mp Melli23mp Melli25mp Melli28mp Melli30mp Melli32mp Melli33mp Melli34mp Melli35mp Melli36mp Melli37mp Melli38mp Melli40mp Melli41mp Melli43mp Melli44mp Melli45mp Melli5mp Melli6mp Melli8mp Melli9mp Melli4mp





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