Crown of flowers

I love trying new things.

For example having a photoshoot with a flower crown.

Tried it. Loved it.

It is amazing how one little something (for example a flower crown ;)) can make such a difference in how the pictures will turn out.

See for yourself!

Vanessa1mp Vanessa48mp Vanessa45mp Vanessa44mp Vanessa43mp Vanessa42mp Vanessa40mp Vanessa39mp Vanessa38mp Vanessa37mp Vanessa34mp Vanessa32mp
Vanessa27mp Vanessa26mp Vanessa25mp Vanessa22mp Vanessa21mp Vanessa20mp Vanessa18mp Vanessa17mp Vanessa15mp Vanessa14mp Vanessa13mp Vanessa12mp Vanessa10mp Vanessa9mp Vanessa7 Vanessa6mp Vanessa5mp Vanessa4mp Vanessa3mp Vanessa2mp


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