What makes you a lumberjack

Apparently it’s your beard!!

Before you go on to view the pictures let me tell you the story to it. Because to every picture, there is a story.

Some of you might know that there is a “No-shave-November”.

My husband (as the two years before) decided to be part of this event. Only that he started in the beginning of October.

Last weekend we had a little family reunion. We knew in advance that we would have to listen to many jokes about that beard.

One of our family members made up this whole story about my husband looking like a Norwegian. A Norwegian lumberjack who would scare children away with his axe and his beard. Since he had such a great time making up this story we could not resist letting this story “come to life”.

As you will see, my husband is a gentle man in real life ūüôā

BenHolzfäller5mp BenHolzfäller4mp BenHolzfäller3mp BenHolzfäller2mp BenHolzfäller1mp BenHolzfäller10mp

BenHolzfäller8mp BenHolzfäller7mp


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