Love Sun. Love Boots. Love Fall. Love the Creator of it all.

Do you know these times, when you’re supposed to write a paper (in my case prepare a sermon about Colossians 1,9-12) and you look outside the window and the sun is shining in it’s most beautiful light and you just CANNOT sit inside continuing the work you’re supposed to do. We’ll I guess you can tell what I did.

Jumped up.

Grabbed the camera.

Grabbed my jacket.

Put on boots.

Got really excited.

Ran outside.

Took some pictures.

Got even more excited.

Admired God’s creation.

Ran back inside. (Cause it is freezing outside…. I mean literally F R E E Z I N G)

Made a cup of coffee.

Edited pictures.

Thanked God.

And here you go! 😉



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