Maquila & Moriah – a beautiful friendship

These two young ladies are so full of life and laughter. As beautiful as they are is they friendship. It was great to get to know them during my stay in St.Pete, FL and see, how they encourage each other to grow closer to God and to make the best out of the life God has given them. I am excited to see what God is doing with their friendship in the following years.M&M2mp M&M3swmp M&M4mp M&M5mp M&M6mp M&M8mp M&M9mp M&M10mp M&M11mp M&M12mp M&M13mp M&M14mp M&M15mp MAquila5bwmp Maquila7mp Maquila8mp MAquila9mp MAquila10mp Maquilasunlightmp Moriah&Maquilamp Moriah3mp Moriah5mp Moriah7mp MoriahCloseupmp Moriahportrait1mp MoriahSunlightmp


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