Alex & Debbi Engagement Shooting

This was a very spontaneous engagement shooting. I’ve always wanted to do a shoot like that and I love how the pictures with the bike turned out! I know I start repeating myself, but God is such a great creator who has put all these beautiful fall-colors out there! And who also has connected these two young people and given them the desire to be united in marriage one day. Wonderful!Alex&Debbimp D&AFachwerk1mp D&AFachwerk2mp D&AFachwerk4mp D&AFachwerk6mp D&AFachwerk7mp D&AHuckepack1mp D&AHuckepack2mp D&AMauer2mp D&AMauer3mf D&AMauer4mp D&ARad4mp D&ARad6swmp D&ARad7mp D&ARad8mp D&ARad9mp D&ARad13mp D&ARad14mp D&ARad16mpsw D&ARad17mp


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